Grilled Ahi and Soy Seared French Green Beans over Basmati Rice

This is an easy dish to prepare with ingredients that should be readily available at any grocery store. 1) To grill the ahi, first brush both sides ¬†with a little olive oil and… Continue reading

Belgian Endives…My sad state of affairs

Sadly, I didn’t do a good job with my endives. I searched for braised recipes. I found several that looked similar to one another. Followed the basic plan. Even added a dash of… Continue reading

Simple Salsa – I promise

Salsa is a mainstay in Mexico and the southwest because a) it’s so delicious; and b) it’s easy to make, or at least many popular variations are… So, leave your preconceived notions about… Continue reading

Brussels Sprouts: Don’t Boil Them Today

Many adults do not think they like Brussels Sprouts. I don’t think I much cared for them bland and boiled either. I don’t think I like most vegetables boiled, unless in the context… Continue reading

Learning To Love Doing Things We Hate: Dishes

Being that I cook food for a living, and also for my family, dishes are a natural part of this process. In my case, piles and piles and piles of them. I am… Continue reading

PERFECT OATMEAL 101 – Fear No Mush!

Oatmeal is admittedly a tricky dish. Don’t laugh, it’s true. Many of us may think that it is the “special” kind of oats that they use in quaint breakfast cafes that result in… Continue reading

Simon Says: This Is How You Boil Eggs

(Simon is my youngest son, age 9, he enjoys cooking, and wanted to share this useful information) Step 1: Put eggs in a pot. Step 2: Cover the eggs with water. Step 3:… Continue reading

Sedona Day Trip

I spent Tuesday hiking in Sedona. We anticipated that it would be a slow day on the Sedona-strip. HA! We couldn’t have been more wrong. We failed to take into account Spring Break.… Continue reading

FRENCH PRESS 101 – Confidence Builder

My favorite way to enjoy coffee each and every morning is via French Press. This is a simple and delicious way to enjoy coffee in its purest form. You can find an inexpensive… Continue reading

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